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Building ICT Capacity Against Disparity!

 Digital Right is the ability of people everywhere to have free and open access to information and communication technology (ICT). It brings forth the empowerment of people through the dissemination of communication, technology and education. People, in every area of our planet, should have the resources and capabilities to develop their own digital infrastructure. In this third millennium, it is our goal to expand the reach of digital right to the developing world whereby narrowing the digital gap.

Digital Right is the principle of producing functional software in the proper way. Presently, software development seems mainly driven by producers rather than by the needs of the community. Too many resources in the ICT sector are dedicated to marketing, sales and advertisement rather than on analyzing the real needs and improving development practices.

Digital Right . Do it Right and Empower the Developing World with Digital Freedom!

Why digitalright.org?
 If you are looking for a place where you can find a wealth of information about the digital divide, if you'd like a place where you can easily contribute to debates on the digital divide, and if you'd like to participate in a very practical effort to help developing countries build their own ICT, then you should join us!

Take a look at our web site and discover how easy we have made it for registered users to participate in debates, to contribute information and share opinions. You will also see how practical and effective our initiatives are.

Find out more about our vision and mission.

How It Works
 This web site is only part of a comprehensive project of practical initiatives and the open exchange of opinions, knowledge and resources to help spread the Digital Right in developing countries.

Because this web site is based on the contribution of its visitors, we strongly encourage you to register, either as a Subscriber or a Participant so you can utilize this instrument.

Nearly every section of the web site is open to contribution from visitors, with Participants having the maximum opportunity to collaborate and be more directly involved in initiatives. Rest assured, your privacy will be respected: Only your screen name appears next to an item, and you are always be able to modify or remove any item that you have inserted.

So please sign up, take advantage of the features of this web site and make it an instrument to help one other achieve the common goal of digital empowerment.

Announcement - Jun 01 2006
 We are now really going public! We are starting to make ourselves known out there, and many sections have been added and improved. Please be patient with us while the web site takes its first steps.

We greatly apreciate any feedback from visitors on how to improve the web site as well as about the project itself.

This web site is only one part of a vast array of activities aimed at fulfilling our mission. We are working on other initiatives to spread the Digital Right, and we welcome your input and/or offers of collaboration.

Latest News
 Legislators in Peru have approved a hotly contested bill sanctioning use of open source software by government and levelling the playing field for start-ups against Microsoft.

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