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Our Mission

 Digital Right aims to spread the adoption of Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) to the public administration, services to citizens, social and non-profit sectors, sustainable business and productive infrastructure with the overall goal to improve the information and communication technology (ICT) capacity of developing countries.

Digital Right would like to stimulate a debate over the usage of FLOSS, its possible adoption and advantages in the sector of public administration, the small local businesses, social services, health care, education and every other productive environment in developing countries.

We would like to verify if our theory of fostering the FLOSS community together with the identification of open standards software can help in building stable, growing and affordable platforms of which the public sector of developing countries can greatly benefit.

We know for direct experience that sofware requirements, design, coding, delivery, maintenance and upgrade are a tiresome, faulty and expensive process. We think that in many cases the FLOSS community can offer better solutions to developing countries.

In FLOSS solutions, every participant owns the system (or a part of it), and nobody has exclusive right to and/or knowledge of it, stimulating, retaining and sharing the investment in knowledge, thus breaking the technological dependencies so often created by allegedly more advanced economies.

Digital Right would like to sponsor and help the effective implementation of ICT projects that aim to improve the quality of life and the income of the populations of developing countries.

Our focus is to help the planning, development and deployment of projects in public sectors like education, health care, social services, telecommunication, fair trade and not-for-profit activities.

Digital Right aims at becoming a hub for information, opinions, data, resources and volunteer opportunities, to foster and spread the many willing initiatives which many times remain unaware of each other, to collect and disseminate the great amount of information and data and to provide an easy instrument of coordination for people and organizations involved in the ICT for development arena.

While our ultimate goal is to help big public ICT projects, we also feel compelled to take positive actions in the shorter term to offer some opportunities to empower the ICT sector of these countries.

To this extent, we thought of several practical activities that we are already putting in place and that will help us to get in contact with these realities and to establish proficuous collaborations to plan for further and more important projects.

As with the format of this web site, we are very open to suggestions, and therefore encourage every reader to come forward and help us to be more effective. This web site is loaded with open discussion sections, and readers can always email the staff to suggest modifications or new activities!

At this moment we are focusing on Latin American and Carribbean countries, in part because of their substantial communality of culture, language, and their economic and social situation. It is our desire to extend our mission throughout all developing countries.


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