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How Do You Say, 'Bye, Microsoft', in Brazil?
brazzil.com (Mauricio Cardoso)Apr 01 2004original
Posted by giovaJul 04 2004 - 11:28
It's 'ciao, Microsoft' week for Brazilian public servants. Over 2,200 civil servants are in Brasília, Brazil's capital, for training in free software The program's intention is turn the participants into propagators of open source. The use of open source represents annual savings of US$ 1.1 billion for the Brazilian government.
Free software is already a reality in Brazil's government institutions. Civil servants in federal, state, and municipal spheres are installing and managing administrative structures with platforms and applications based on open sources.

To give civil servants even better preparation, the First Week of Preparation and Training in Free Software was initiated at the University of the Post Office, in Brasília, on April 26. Over 2,200 civil servants are participating, free of charge, in 150 technical training courses that continue through April 30.

More than just provide training, the week is intended to expand the participants' familiarity with open software, turning them into propagators of the knowledge and technology related to open source platforms.

According to presidential Chief of Staff, Minister José Dirceu, who took part in the opening ceremony, the event is the fruit of a collective effort that began in the Electronic Government Executive Committee to disseminate the culture of free software, the universalization of information, and digital inclusion in the country.

"The challenge is to transform this tool into a concrete instrument for the improvement of public administration. Therefore, I ask all of you to pledge yourselves to pass along all the knowledge you acquire here."

According to the president of the National Institute of Information Technology (ITI), Sérgio Amadeu, mastery of free software can place Brazil among the world's major technological powers. For him, the option in favor of free software represents a cultural change, an option for a new development model and the use of collective intelligence.

"The Week of Preparation in Free Software is the beginning of a shift to a future that will surely be a free future," he declared.

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