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 In this page there are short lists of the most recent additions of our database. 

ovodominoAsiaDec 20 2019 ovodomino 
OVOQQ sebagai Agen Judi Online terbaik & terpercaya serta sudah memiliki banyak sekali member, ingin mengenalkan beberapa keunggulan & promo yg belum tentu bisa anda dapatkan di situs-situs lain. C...
ovodominoNetwork - TelecomDec 20 2019 ovodomino 
OVOQQ sebagai Agen Judi Online terbaik & terpercaya serta sudah memiliki banyak sekali member, ingin mengenalkan beberapa keunggulan & promo yg belum tentu bisa anda dapatkan di situs-situs lain. C...
Development Informatics Working PapersICT4DevFeb 23 2010 giova 
From the Institute for Development Policy and Management of the University of Manchester.
Ethiopian ICT Development AgencyICT4DevFeb 23 2010 giova 
This is a government agency to foster ICT for development in the country.
International Development Informatics AssociationAcademicFeb 10 2010 giova 
An association serving as a forum for international cooperation between organisations focusing on research in the use of ICT for developing economies and societies (ICT4D).

HSQLDBDatabaseJun 04 2008  
Small, fast and standard SQL relational database engine written in Java.
Open LogicDocumentationJun 02 2008  
Offer support to open source software packages.
PSPPDatabaseMay 23 2008  
PSPP is a free software application for anaysis of sampled data. It has a graphical user interface and conventional command line interface. It is written in C, uses GNU Scientific Library and plotutil...
QuickFIX/JFinanceJan 30 2008  
QuickFIX/J is a full featured messaging engine for the FIX protocol. It is a 100% Java open source implementation of the popular C++ QuickFIX engine.
Helpdesk directoryEnterprise ManagementDec 13 2007  
A good list of helpdesk open source systems.

The Global Desktop ProjectOct 21 2007 giova 
It is widely acknowledged that Linux and open source solutions will find their biggest markets in developing nations, particularly China, East Asia, Brazil and South America.? While this is good news ...
Free and Open Source Software at the United Nation...Oct 21 2007 giova 
Advances in technology have revolutionized the way people live, learn and work, but these benefits have not spread around the world evenly. A digital divide exists between communities in their access ...
Effective use: A community informatics strategy be...Oct 15 2007 giova 
A huge industry has been created responding to the perceived social malady, the "Digital Divide". This paper examines the concepts and strategies underlying the notion of the Digital Divide and conclu...
ICT for Sustainable DevelopmentOct 19 2006 giova 
An analysis of the current ICT application in many fields of Sustainable Development.
Free software and Latin AmericaOct 26 2005 giova 
This is a battle about the purchase and use of all software by national governments and the terms such software will be provided under. This about the procurement of servers and database applications ...

Peru's parliament approves pro-open source billNov 02 2005  
Legislators in Peru have approved a hotly contested bill sanctioning use of open source software by government and levelling the playing field for start-ups against Microsoft.
Open source taking over EuropeNov 02 2005  
Nearly half of European local government bodies are using open source software while nearly a third don't know that they are using open source at all.
Brazil adopts open-source softwareJun 03 2005  
In Brazil's Ministry for Cities, staff are busily at work.
Bridging the digital divide with a self-powered la...Feb 28 2005  
A $100 laptop aims to bring equal technology opportunities to children in the developing world.
Digital Solidarity Fund - Full Steam Ahead!Feb 27 2005  
Representatives from the whole world today supported the development of a Digital Solidary Fund - an African initiative aimed at alleviating digital divides in all societies.

III Taller Internacional de SoftwareAug 06 2006 giova 
En el marco de la XII Feria y Convención Informática Habana 2007 se desarrollará el III Taller Internacional de Software Libre dedicado al uso y fomento de las tecnologías de código abierto como la al...
Festival Latinoamericano de Instalación de Softwar...Feb 26 2005 giova 
Se realizarán eventos en diferentes ciudades de manera simultánea en los que los expertos de cada una instalará, de manera gratuita y totalmente legal, software libre en los computadores.
First International Conference On Open Source Syst...Jan 20 2005 cristina 
The OSS2005 will bring together people from industry, public administration, and academia to share experiences and ideas and to provide an archival source for important papers on open source topics. ...
I Foro Mundial de Tecnología LibreNov 07 2004 giova 
Difundir las ventajas y beneficios del uso de tecnología libre en el Estado y en la empresa privada, propiciar un ambiente para el fortalecimiento del desarrollo tecnológico nacional y de los paises ...
latinoware2004Nov 06 2004 giova 
Con el objetivo de presentar las principales novidades mundiales y reunir los principales profisionales de la área, los Gobiernos Federal (Itaipu) y Estadual (CELEPAR) idealizaron la Latinoware 2004 -...

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